Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Girl and the Shoe

There once was a girl who had so many shoes she didn't know what to do....

That is a problem I have when I cannot pass up a good old fashioned shoe form. The question comes up... how many shoes do you need?? The answer....Plenty! They are beautiful to display but even better to use in an assemblage. To create this piece I once again pulled out my trusty old 1861 ledger book and took some pages to use in the umbrella and the little girl dress. I picked out an old paintbrush and I was ready to go.
When I was finished I was inspired by the colors and built another assemblage using an old spice rack and some of my favorite antique treasures. I used an old school clock as the base and my creations were ready to be displayed in my entryway.

There once was a girl who had so many baby shoes she didn't know what to do...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All American Art

I am just back from the extremely large antique show in Brimfield, Massachusetts. If you like to collect antiques and vintage items Brimfield is the place for you! Fields and fields full of antique booths line the road. The atmosphere is filled with anticipation. Treasures and good deals are just waiting to be found.

Old clocks, tins, papers, books, kitchen utensils, fabrics and dolls are in abundance. As I sorted through all of the wonderful objects my mind was filling with future art projects.

What would you create with an old can, ledger paper, sari ribbon and a bust of Charles Lindberg?

I created an All American Explosion!

I will be asking myself similar questions all week as I look through my wonderful Brimfield treasures.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Emme - A Very Special Artist

I have a little friend in Portland, Oregon. Her name is Emme Ek. She is the daughter of Nicole, one of my good friends and the little sister of Austin, one of Zach's best friends.

Two years ago Emme participated in a Flat Stanley project at school and sent us her "Flat Emme". Our mission was to take pictures of Flat Emme in North Carolina. We took Flat Emme to Lowes Motor Speedway, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Uptown Charlotte and even to Duke University. It was a fun family project.

We have been fortunate to have Emme's brother Austin spend time with us in Charlotte. He was here this summer for two weeks and went to see all of the places Flat Emme ventured.

Today little Emme is sick. She is in the childrens hospital in Portland and has just had a brain tumor removed. We are praying for her and her family. She is a sweet little girl with a beautiful smile, wonderful heart and a terrific spirit. Please say a special prayer for Emme and for her family.
We love you Emme!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sweet September Surprise

A few weeks ago a friend and I each took one antique doll leg and committed to creating a piece of art using the leg. We agreed that we would send the completed projects to each other. Judy took the right leg to Massachusettes and I kept the left leg in Charlotte. I decided to alter an old heart box and attached the leg. I carefully filled the heart box with special treasures and shipped it off.

Today, I recieved a beautifully wrapped box from Judy. It was with much anticipation that I opened the package. What awaited me was a beautiful surprise. Judy attached the leg to a specially created altered box top. The colors are amazing and much to my delight she attached seven more legs. I call her creation All Legs. It is so sweet.

Her box also included several special items. A wonderful pink vintage angel,
antique lace, bronzed baby shoes, faithful pins and a beautiful rose. Our legs to each other grew like ocotopus legs. It was a sweet project and made completing the art so meaningful. I have found that when I create a card or a piece of art with someone special in mind it reminds me of whats makes them so dear to me.

Thank you dear Judy for this wonderful gift! We are seeing each other next week at the Brimfield antique show. I wonder what we will exchange next. An old necklace, cheese grater, doll head, spool of thread, vintage buttons.... oh the possibilities are endless.....

I am one happy girl!